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Artwork by Helen Kagan PhD | Unique Fine & Healing Arts

Thank you for visiting my site! I am Helen Kagan PhD, a Visionary Artist, a pioneer creating ART with a mindful intention to HEAL, and an originator of my multi-dimensional concept HealingArts ™ I've been developing for over 25 years.  "Art for Healing" becoming more and more popular as people recognize the healing power and benefits of art. 

Blending together Fine Art, Expressive Arts, and the Art of Healing, my artworks called “symphony of colors” saturated with passion, movement, spirituality, positive intention and healing energy, bring you in touch with your feelings and emotions, allow meditation & relaxation, joy & happiness, and just put a smile in your heart! :)

My Vision and Mission is to offer my HealingArts to HealthCare, Corporate & Hospitality Markets to enhance WELL-BEING.  Please visit my newest venue - Wearable HealingArts ™  where my healing art is offered as beautiful unique designer garments and multiple home-wear & household items which bring well-being to everyone wearing or having them in your environment! 

I wholeheartedly welcome Interior & Fashion Designers, Art Consultants & Curators working with HealthCare, Residential, Corporate & Hospitality Markets - please CONTACT me.  I have a lot of great ideas and a lot of art to fulfil them!

 I believe art heals.  I believe in mind-body-spirit connection.  

          My "Healing Arts" is a statement of all my beliefs.  

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