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Interview "The Winners Journey Podcast" by ArtTour International

Viviana Puello interviews Master Artist Helen Kagan April 2021

Interview "Helen Kagan HealingArts"

Podcast "The Winners Journey" with Viviana Puello March 2021

Interview "Helen Kagan HealingArts"

Podcast recorded by “Brooklyn Café TV” July 2020 

VERNISSAGE 1  Healing Arts by Helen Kagan. 2005-2016

VERNISSAGE 2  Healing Arts by Helen Kagan. 2005-2016

Collection “Muses & Music”. ArtSynergism.   

SPECTRUM ArtBasel Miami, Dec. 2016  

Unveiling "Bridge To Hope" @ Osceola32 Gallery, 2013


Chris Young Felts


 Motivational Coach

"... Helen, after receiving your beautiful Healing Art and "experiencing"   it for a couple weeks, I feel compelled to write you a thank you note.  Three of your prints are now framed and above my monitor to give me joy and good energy while I work.  As you have suggested, since I have health challenges,

I have several of your 'healing cards' on my night stands.  Although I'm not sure how it works, I swear I feel much better and rested when I wake in the morning and I used to ache and feel exhausted! One day I definitely intend to purchase your original paintings.  Simply put, I adore your Healing Arts and will definitely be back for more!

With much gratitude,
Chris Young Felts
Motivational Coach

Alexandra Barrett 


Coach and Trainer

" ... Helen is a healer - hands on. She channels amazing energy that heals and aligns physical ailments. She worked on me and on my husband, and we are not novices at receiving healing energies. We are both curious and experimental and we found that what Helen does feels real. It is physical and energetic and very special. Like she is.
Here is the link to Helen's [art] site -, and her many vibrantly alive works of art that I find captivating. You can feel the passion in her work and in everything she does."

Alexandra Barrett,  Coach and Trainer  

Rachel Goldberg


Co-owner "Osceola32" Gallery, Owner Goldberg RE and Funding

"... It has been a pleasure witnessing and showing the vibrant works of Helen Kagan. Each new piece is a journey of evocative colors, a style that is authentic and powerful and from the soul. It is easy to get lost in her art since the energy her works convey jump off the canvas and stir one's spirit. Her life experiences mix with the power of the colors and are transformational. If you have not had the gift of meeting the artist and viewing her work you have missed a talent that will impact the art world.  Kudos to Helen! "

Rachel Goldberg
Co-owner of "Osceola32" Gallery
Owner Goldberg RE and Funding  








Michael Penn MBA   


Artist, International Designer

"... I became stricken with sciatica, and Helen walked me through the pain and out of pain. All the while surrounded by her 'Healing Art' I think it sped up my healing, and her prognosis aided my fast recovery as well. Her hands heal that I can attest to, as well as, her art. Check out her art website and experience this yourself! Helen's competence has helped me keeping a serious injury's pain at bay, and standing before Helen's artwork has brought me hours of joy is to say the least. Helen quite accurately exposes the energy fields, and especially, the very positive, gracious healing energy which she carries."

Michael G. Penn, MBA
Designer and Artist
Co-owner 'Osceola32' Gallery,

Sue Fallon

 Artist, Medical Technician, Chiropractic Office 

"...  Helen Kagan's "Healing Arts" are magnificent! They are some of the warmest, most colorful, and spiritually deep works I have ever seen. You are immediately drawn in. Any space that has Helen's work would be transformed with a feeling of passion, warmth, energy, and a moving exhilaration.

I love Helen's work!"

Sue Fallon Ezell, Artist
Medical Technician, Chiropractic Office









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