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You can also experience my art "in Interiors" when it is placed on the walls of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or in your office space, etc. - so you can have a better idea how to place a particular piece of art in your own home. You can see my "Art in Interiors" -   HERE    or   HERE  

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Enchanting Forest
Lilacs For Mom
Sacred Pond. Series Vermont I Love You
Composition # 5. Perspectives
All Souls. Series As Above So Below
Enchanting Morning
Magic Fall. Series Vermont I Love You
Composition #3. Morning. Series Moods
Summer in Vermont
Crispy Gold
Foliage in Bloom
A Radiant Cloud. Series Moods
Passionata #2. Series Moods
Passionata #1. Series Moods
Composition #2. Secret Pond. Series Moods
Magical Fall. Series Seasons
All Souls. Series As Above So Below
Sacred Pond. Series Vermont I Love You
Crispy Gold
City Never Sleeps. Series New York, New York
New York, I love you
Misty Purple
Summer in VT. #2
TimeSlip #2
Autumn Leaves
Winter 2
Hurricane #1
Poets Walk.
Sun Shower. Series ColorScapes
Sunflowers 14x11
Foliage in Bloom. Series Vermont I Love you
Winter 1
Summer 2
Spring 1
Colorscape#15. Poppies
Italy. Noon
Rainy Foliage
Early Foliage
Alley of Love
Winter sunset
Fall again
Misty Sunrise
Summer in Bloom
Mirrors and Windows
Magic Light
Simple Joy
Vermont Night
Christmas Candles
Hurricane 1
First Snow
Bursting Through

To inquire about and to purchase artworks please call (646) 770-3410.  You can also go to CONTACT.  Thank you! 

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