Artwork by Helen Kagan PhD | Unique Fine & Healing Arts

Hello to all wonderful people who came to visit my site! I am Helen Kagan PhD, a Visionary Artist, one of the pioneers creating ART with an intention to HEAL, and an originator of my multi-dimensional concept “HealingArts” which I've been developing for over 25 years. This direction "Art for Healing" is becoming more and more popular as people recognize the healing power and benefits of art (especially important for HealthCare). Blending together Fine Art, Expressive Arts and the Art of Healing, my artworks called “symphony of colors” are saturated with passion, movement, spirituality, positive intention and healing energy. 

My Vision and Mission is to bring my “HealingArts” to HealthCare, Corporate & Hospitality Markets to enhance WELL-BEING by introducing vibrant colors, multi-sensory experience, meditation & relaxation, encourage joy & happiness, increase productivity, and just bring smile on your face! :) I welcome Interior & Fashion Designers, Curators and Art Consultants primarily  working with HealthCare,  Residential, Corporate & Hospitality Markets - please CONTACT me.  

 I believe art heals.  I believe in mind-body-spirit connection.  

          My "Healing Arts" is a statement of my beliefs.  

To inquire about and to purchase artworks please call (646) 770-3410.  You can also go to CONTACT.  Thank you! 

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© 2004-2020  by Helen Kagan Healing ARTS.

Misty Purple

2012 Oil, palette knife, canvas 28x22.